Neuroendocrinology Group
The Ohio State University



  • April 2017: Dr. Leah Pyter was recently awarded a National Institutes of Health Grant R01CA216290 "Gut-brain interactions underlying chemotherapy-induced behavioral comorbidities"


  • November 2016: Dr. Benedetta Leuner is appointed to the Editorial Board of FiN (Frontiers in Neuroendcrinology).
  • August 2016: Dr. Randy Nelson is awarded the DANIEL S. LEHRMAN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.


  • April 2015: Randy Nelson, PhD joined the National Science Foundation (NSF) Biology Directorate Advisory Committee. This committee advises the senior management of the NSF on research issues associated with biology research.
  • Marc, 2015: Ohio State University researchers Dr. Tomoko Ikeno and Dr. Randy Nelson are quoted in a story about their new study published in the journal Hippocampus which found that melatonin prompts dendrites to grow longer in one part of the brain, while in another part the hormone causes dendritic spine loss, MBF Bioscience.