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Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science v. 427Series66
Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science v. 441Series66
Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science v. 455Series66
W. T. Norman2800 Personality Trait Descriptors: Normative Operating Characteristics for a University PopulationSocial Cognition21
"N. E. Grunberg, R. E. Nisbett, J. Rodin, and J. E. Singer"A Distinctive Approach to Psychological Research: The Influence of Stanley SchachterSocial Psychological Theory43
K. LewinA Dynamic Theory of PersonalityPersonality35
K. LewinA Dynamic Theory of PersonalityPersonality35
Paul KlineA Handbook of Test ConstructionMeasurement/Testing53
E. G. BoringA History of Experimental Psychology2ndMethodology62
F. Fransella and D. BannisterA Manual for Repertory Grid TechniqueGroups26
P. D. ReynoldsA Primer in Theory ConstructionMethodology63
S. G. West and R. A. WicklundA Primer of Social Psychological TheoriesSocial Psychological Theory43
L. Rosen and R. WestA Reader for Research MethodsMethodology63
M. S. Grosof and Hyman SardyA Research Primer for the Social and Behavioral SciencesMethodology62
G. Milton SmithA Simplified Guide to Statistics3rdStatistics56
C.W. Backman and P.F. SecordA Social Psychological View of EducationApplied Social36
L. FestingerA Theory of Cognitive DissonanceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
Clyde H. CoombsA Theory of DataStatistics55
J. W. BrehmA Theory of Psychological ReactanceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
E. F. Borgatta and B. CrowtherA Workbook for the Study of Social Interaction ProcessesGroups26
"D. Riesmand, J. Gusfield, and Z. Gamson"Academic Values and Mass EducationGeneral Psychology46
G. WatsonAction for UnityApplied Social36
H. HelsonAdaptation-Level TheoryJudgment/Decision Making23
"J. Cerella, J. Rybash, W. Hoyer, M. L. Commons"Adult Information Processing: Limits on LossCognition24
Patricia J. LabawAdvanced Questionnaire DesignMeasurement/Testing53
Advances in Applied Social Psychology1stSeries71
Advances in Applied Social Psychology2ndSeries71
Advances in Applied Social Psychology3rdSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology1stSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology2ndSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology3rdSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology4thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology5thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology6thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology7thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology8thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology9thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology10thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology11thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology12thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology14thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology15thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology16thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology17thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology18thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology19thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology19thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology20thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology21stSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology22ndSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology23rdSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology24thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology25thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology26thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology27thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology28thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology29thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology30thSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology31stSeries71
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology32ndSeries71
T. K. Srull and R. S. WyerAdvances in Social Cognitition v. 1Series72
T. K. Srull and R. S. WyerAdvances in Social Cognitition v. 3Series72
R. S. Wyer and T. K. SrullAdvances in Social Cognitition v. 4Series72
R. S. Wyer Advances in Social Cognitition v. 7Series72
F. H. Sanford and E. J. CapaldiAdvancing Psychological Science Volume ThreeSocial Psychological Theory43
S. W. RussAffect & CreativityEmotion/Affect15
M. S. Clark and S. T. FiskeAffect and CognitionEmotion/Affect15
D. M. Mackie and D. L. HamiltonAffect, Cognition, and Stereotyping: Interactive Processes in Group PerceptionEmotion/Affect15
J. PankseppAffective NeurosciencePhysiology34
J. H. GoldsteinAggression and Crimes of Violence2ndAggression16
J. Macaulay and L. BerkowitzAltruism and Helping BehaviorProsocial Behavior16
J. P. RushtonAltruism, Socialization, and SocietyProsocial Behavior16
F. B. KarpfAmerican Social PsychologyGeneral Social41
C. E. OsgoodAn Alternative to War of SurrenderAggression16
G. MyrdalAn American DilemmaGeneral Psychology46
E. L. Walker and R. W. HeynsAn Anatomy for ConformityAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
K. G. ShaverAn Introduction to Attribution ProcessesAttribution16
H. H. Johnson and R. L. SolsoAn Introduction to Experimental Design in Psychology: A Case ApproachMethodology62
D. R. ForsythAn Introduction to Group DynamicsGroups26
E. R. StablerAn Introduction to Mathematical ThoughtMathematical Theory65
C. A. Lave and J. G. MarchAn Introduction to Models in the Social SciencesMethodology63
"A. E. Gross, B. E. Collins, and J. H. Bryan"An Introduction to Research in Social PsychologyMethodology62
M. Sherif and C. W. SherifAn Outline of Social Psychology Revised EditionGeneral Social42
M. Sherif and C. W. SherifAn Outline of Social Psychology Revised EditionGeneral Social42
A. E. MaxwellAnalysing Qualitative DataStatistics55
John F. Randolph and Mark KacAnalytic Geometry and CalculusStatistics56
A. W. Siegman and T. W. SmithAnger, Hostility, and the HeartAggression16
Annual Review of Psychology1stSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology2ndSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology3rdSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology4thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology5thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology6thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology7thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology8thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology9thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology10thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology11thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology12thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology13thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology14thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology15thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology16thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology17thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology18thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology19thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology20thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology21stSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology22ndSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology23rdSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology24thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology25thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology26thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology27thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology28thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology29thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology30thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology31stSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology32ndSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology33rdSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology34thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology35thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology36thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology37thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology38thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology39thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology40thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology41stSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology42ndSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology43rdSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology44thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology45thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology46thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology47thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology48thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology49thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology50thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology51stSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology52ndSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology53rdSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology54thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology55thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology56thSeries8-95-1
Annual Review of Psychology57thSeries8-95-1
F. AttneaveApplications of Information Theory to PsychologyGeneral Psychology44
R. J. RummelApplied Factor AnalysisStatistics56
J. Cohen and P. CohenApplied Multiple Regression/ Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral AnalysisStatistics55
"Ira H. Bernstein, Calvin P. Garbin, and Gary K. Teng"Applied Multivariate AnalysisStatistics55
"T. E. Hedrick, L. Bickman, and D. J. Rog"Applied Research DesignMethodology62
M. B. Brewer and M. HewstoneApplied Social PsychologySeries73
S. OskampApplied Social PsychologyApplied Social36
S.W. Sadava and D.R. McCrearyApplied Social PsychologyApplied Social36
L. BickmanApplied Social Psychology Annual v.1Series75
C. HendrickApplied Social Psychology Annual v.10Series75
L. BickmanApplied Social Psychology Annual v.2: Applications to Law and Criminal JusticeSeries75
L. BickmanApplied Social Psychology Annual v.3: Applied Social Psychology and HealthSeries75
L. BickmanApplied Social Psychology Annual v.4: Applied Social Psychology and EducationSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.5: Applications in Organizational SettingsSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.6: International Conflict and National Public Policy IssuesSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.7: Family Process and Problems: Social Psychological AspectsSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.7: Family Process and Problems: Social Psychological AspectsSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.8: Television as a Social IssueSeries75
S. OskampApplied Social Psychology Annual v.8: Television as a Social IssueSeries75
"F. R. Kardes, P. M. Herr and J. Nantel"Applying Social Cognition to Consumer-Focused StrategyApplied Social36
M. Deutsch and H. A. HornsteinApplying Social Psychology: Implications for Research, Practice, and TrainingApplied Social36
"M. Lefton, J.K. Skipper Jr., C. H. McCaghy"Approaches to Deviance: Theories, Concepts, and Research FindingsApplied Social36
K. R. Scherer and P. EkmanApproaches to EmotionEmotion/Affect15
R. Rosenthal and R. L. RosnowArtifact in Behavioral ResearchMethodology63
R. S. Wyer Jr.Associated Systems TheoryMissing Books
R. E. LanaAssumptions of Social PsychologyGeneral Social41
R. E. LanaAssumptions of Social PsychologyGeneral Social41
"S. Goldberg, R. Muir, and J. Kerr"Attachment TheoryGeneral Psychology45
"E. M. Clark, T.C. Brock, and D. W. Stewart"Attention, Attitude, and Affect in Response to AdvertisingGeneral Social41
"E. M. Clark, T.C. Brock, and D. W. Stewart"Attention, Attitude, and Affect in Response to AdvertisingGeneral Social41
"E. M. Clark, T.C. Brock, and D. W. Stewart"Attention, Attitude, and Affect in Response to AdvertisingAttribution16
A. Baddeley and L. WeiskrantzAttention: Selection, Awareness and ControlCognition24
"C. W. Sherif, M. Sherif and R. E. Nebergall"Attitude and Attitude ChangeAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
H. C. TriandisAttitude and Attitude ChangeAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
M. A. Malec Attitude Change Attitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
"C. A. Kiesler, B. E. Collins and N. Miller"Attitude Change and Social InfluenceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
"C. A. Kiesler, B. E. Collins and N. Miller"Attitude Change and Social InfluenceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
A. R. CohenAttitude Change and Social InfluenceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
P. SuedfeldAttitude Change: the Competing ViewsAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
Gene F. SummersAttitude MeasurementMeasurement/Testing54
"M. J. Rosenberg, C. I. Hovaland, W. J. McGuire, R. P. Abelson, and J. W. Brehm"Attitude Organization and ChangeAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
R. E. Petty and J. A. KrosnickAttitude StrengthAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
C. W. Sherif and M. Sherif Attitude, Ego-Involvement, and ChangeAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
D. W. RajeckiAttitudes 2ndAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
K. ThomasAttitudes and BehaviourAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
S. OskampAttitudes and OpinionsAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
S. OskampAttitudes and Opinions2ndAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
R. E. Petty and J. T. CacioppoAttitudes and Persuasion: Classic and Contemporary ApproachesAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
Nigel LemonAttitudes and Their MeasurementMeasurement/Testing53
B. T. King and E. McGinniesAttitudes, Conflict, and Social Change.Attitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
I. AjzenAttitudes, Personality, and BehaviorAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
D. W. RajeckiAttitudes: Themes and AdvancesAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
J. R. EiserAttitudinal JudgmentAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
A. PepitoneAttraction & HostilityInterpersonal Relations33
J. H. Harvey and G. WearyAttribution: Basic Issues and ApplicationsAttribution16
"E. E. Jones, D. E. Kanouse, H. H. Kelley, R. E. Nisbett, S. Valins, and B. Weiner"Attribution: Perceiving the Causes of BehaviorAttribution16
National Center for Health StatisticsAutobiographical Memory for Health-Related EventsApplied Social36
R. K. White and R. LippittAutocracy and DemocracyGeneral Psychology51
S. Siegel and L. E. FourakerBargaining and Group Decision MakingGroups31
L. E. Fouraker and S. SiegelBargaining BehaviorGroups26
P. B. PaulusBasic Group ProcessesGroups31
J. L. SimonBasic Research Methods in Social ScienceMethodology64
H. M. Proshansky and B. SeidenbergBasic Studies in Social PsychologySeries75
S. S. SargentBasic Teachings of the Great PsychologistsGreat Psychologists61
Lawrence D. PhillipsBayesian Statistics for Social ScientistsStatistics56
H. RachlinBehavior and MindGeneral Psychology46
K. W. SpenceBehavior Theory and ConditioningGeneral Psychology51
M. ZuckermanBehavioral Expressions and Biosocial Bases of Sensation SeekingPhysiology34
L. S. Meyers and N. E. GrossenBehavioral Research: Theory, Procedure, and DesignMethodology63
J. B. WatsonBehaviorismGeneral Psychology51
P. GaerdenforsBelief RevisionCognition24
M. Fishbein and I. AjzenBelief, Attitude, Intention, and BehaviorAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
M. Fishbein and I. AjzenBelief, Attitude, Intention, and BehaviorAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
K. E. ScheibeBeliefs and ValuesAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence13
D. J. BemBeliefs, Attitudes, and Human AffairsAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
M. RokeachBeliefs, Attitudes, and ValuesAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
R. C. Schank and E. LangerBeliefs, Reasoning and Decision MakingGeneral Psychology51
E.T. HigginsBeyond Pleasure and PainMotivation14
E. T. HigginsBeyond Pleasure and Pain: How Motivation WorksMotivation14
L. Bickman and T. HenchyBeyond the LaboratoryMethodology62
K.W. BackBeyond WordsApplied Social36
H. F. Harlow and C. N. WoolseyBiological and Biochemical Bases of BehaviorPhysiology34
E. GellhornBiological Foundations of EmotionEmotion/Affect15
M. A. Hogg and S. TindaleBlackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Group ProcessesSeries66
R. Brown and S. GaertnerBlackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergropu Processes Series66
G. J. O. Fletcher and M. S. ClarkBlackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Interpersonal Processes Series66
A. Tesser and N. SchwarzBlackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intraindividual Processes Series66
M. GladwellBlink: The Power of Thinking Without ThinkingGeneral Psychology45
J. FastBody LanguageInterpersonal Relations33
R. J. Davidson and K. HugdahlBrain AsymmetryPhysiology34
A. EvansBrain Physiology and PsychologyPhysiology34
R. P. Abelson and P. G. ZimbardoCanvassing for Peace: A Manual for VolunteersGeneral Psychology44
American Psychological AssociationCasebook on Ethical Principles of PsychologistsMethodology62
S. HarnadCategorical Perception; The Groundwork of CognitionCognition24
E. E. Smith and D. L. MedinCategories and ConceptsCognition25
J. R. Eiser and W. StroebeCategorization and Social JudgmentJudgment/Decision Making23
L. Festinger and H. H. KelleyChanging Attitudes Through Social ContractAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
J. W. M. Whiting and I. L. ChildChild Training and Personality: A Cross-Cultural StudyPersonality35
E. H. EriksonChildhood and SocietyGeneral Psychology44
R. S. SieglerChildren's ThinkingGeneral Psychology51
"R. W. Wrangham, W. C. McGrew, F. B. M. de Waal, and P. G. Heltne"Chimpanzee CulturesGeneral Psychology52
S. FreudCivilization And Its DiscontentsGeneral Psychology45
A. L. GreyClass and Personality in SocietyPersonality35
E. J. Coats and R. S. FeldmanClassic and Contemporary Readings in Social PsychologyGeneral Social41
"J. Bieri, A. L. Atkins, S. Briar, R. L. Leaman, H. Miller, and T. Tripodi"Clinical and Social Judgment: The Discrimination of Behavioral InformationJudgment/Decision Making23
P. L. Sheras and S. WorchelClinical Psychology: A Social Psychological ApproachApplied Social36
P. E. MeehlClinical vs. Statistical PredictionJudgment/Decision Making23
C. HendrickClose RelationshipsInterpersonal Relations33
S. S. HendrickClose Relationships What Couples Therapists Can LearnInterpersonal Relations33
"E. L. Wiener, B. G. Kanki, and R. L. Helmreich"Cockpit Resource ManagementApplied Social36
E. Rosch and B. B. LloydCognition and CategorizationCognition25
J. S. Carroll and J. W. PayneCognition and Social BehaviorSocial Cognition21
J. S. Carroll and J. W. PayneCognition and Social BehaviorSocial Cognition21
"M. M Smyth, A. F. Collins, P. E. Morris, P. Levy"Cognition in Action2ndCognition25
J. H. HarveyCognition, Social Behavior, and The EnvironmentSocial Cognition21
S. FeldmanCognitive Consistency Attitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
J. CooperCognitive DissonanceSocial Cognition21
R. S. Wyer Jr.Cognitive Organization and ChangeSocial Cognition22
M. ManisCognitive ProcessesCognition24
T. S. WallstenCognitive Processes in Choice and Decision BehaviorJudgment/Decision Making23
D. L. HamiltonCognitive Processes in Stereotyping and Intergroup BehaviorSocial Cognition21
U. NeisserCognitive PsychologyCognition25
"R. Lachman, J. L. Lachman, E. C. Butterfield"Cognitive Psychology and Information Processing: an IntroductionCognition24
J. R. AndersonCognitive Psychology and its Implications2ndCognition24
"R. E. Petty, T. M. Ostrom, and T. C. Brock"Cognitive Responses in PersuasionAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
M. WagmanCognitive Science and Concepts of MindCognition25
K. M. Colby and R. J. StollerCognitive Science and PsychoanalysisCognition24
A. H. Hastorf and A. M. IsenCognitive Social PsychologySocial Cognition21
J. R. EiserCognitive Social PsychologySocial Cognition21
W. D. SpauldingCognitive Technology in Psychiatric RehabilitationGeneral Psychology51
"E.F. Barckley, K.P. Cross, C.H. Major"Collaborative Learning TechniquesTeaching32
S. FreudCollected Papers Volume IGeneral Psychology45
S. FreudCollected Papers Volume IIGeneral Psychology45
S. FreudCollected Papers Volume IIIGeneral Psychology45
S. FreudCollected Papers Volume IVGeneral Psychology45
S. FreudCollected Papers Volume VGeneral Psychology45
D. Middleton and D. EdwardsCollective RememberingCognition24
H. L. Rietz and A. R. CrathorneCollege Algebra4thStatistics56
Merriam WebsterCollegiate DictionaryTeaching32
"C. I. Hovland, I. L. Janis and H. H. Kelley"Communication and PersuasionAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
R. E. Petty and J. T. CacioppoCommunication and PersuasionAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
L. Donohew et al.Communication, social cognition, and affectGeneral Psychology44
"J. M. Darley, M. P. Zanna, et al."Compleat Academic: A Career GuideTeaching32
James L. Bruning and B. L. KintzComputational Handbook of StatisticsStatistics55
R. J. CorsiniConcise Encyclopedia of PsychologySeries66
B. P. CohenConflict and Conformity Attitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
P. KendallConflict and MoodEmotion/Affect15
L. FestingerConflict, Decision, and DissonanceAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
C. A. Kiesler and S. B. KieslerConformityAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence12
"M. P. Zanna, E. T. Higgins, & C. P. Herman"Consistency in Social Behavior: The Ontario Symposium v.2Series72
Bernhardt LiebermanContemporary Problems in StatisticsStatistics55
J. Jung and J. BaileyContemporary Psychology Experiments: Adaptions for LaboratoryMethodology62
R. S. WoodworthContemporary Schools of PsychologyGeneral Psychology51
D. J. HiltonContemporary Science and Natural Explanation: Commonsense Conceptions of CausalityAttribution16
N. Schwarz and S. SudmanContext Effects in Social and Psychological ResearchMethodology63
Robert Rosenthal and Ralph L. RosnowContrast AnalysisStatistics56
N. H. AndersonContributions to Information Integration Theory Volume I: CognitionSocial Cognition21
N. H. AndersonContributions to Information Integration Theory Volume II: SocialSocial Cognition21
N. H. AndersonContributions to Information Integration Theory Volume III: DevelopmentalSocial Cognition21
J. Scott LongCovariance Structure ModelsStatistics55
L.D. FinkCreating Significant Learning ExperiencesTeaching32
L.D. FinkCreating Significant Learning ExperiencesTeaching32
J. W. Getzels and P. W. JacksonCreativity and IntelligenceCognition24
"C. E. Osgood, W. H. May, and M. S. Miron"Cross-Cultural Universals of Affective MeaningEmotion/Affect15
H. A. HornsteinCruelty & KindnessAggression16
M. Yuki & M. BrewerCulture and Group ProcessesGroups26
I. D. Steiner and M. FishbeinCurrent Studies in Social PsychologySeries75
"G. Collier, H. L. Minton, and G. Reynolds"Currents of Thought in American Social PsychologySocial Psychological Theory43
D. Winterfeldt and W. EdwardsDecision Analysis and Behavioral ResearchJudgment/Decision Making23
D. E. BroadbentDecision and StressJudgment/Decision Making23
"D. E. Bell, H. Raiffa, and A. Tversky"Decision MakingJudgment/Decision Making23
I. L. Janis and L. MannDecision MakingJudgment/Decision Making23
M. ZeyDecision MakingJudgment/Decision Making23
F. HellerDecision Making and LeadershipJudgment/Decision Making23
D. WillnerDecisions, Values, and Groups Volume IGroups32
N. F. WashburneDecisions, Values, and Groups Volume IIGroups32
N. F. WashburneDecisions, Values, and Groups Volume IIGroups32
A. H. WoldDecoding Oral LanguageCognition25
C. D. McCann and N. S. EndlerDepressionGeneral Psychology46
"K.M. Sheldon, T.B. Kashdan, M.F. Steger"Designing Positive PsychologyEmotion/Affect15
D. EhrlichDeterminants of Verbal Commonality and InfluenciblityAttitudes/Persuasion/Social Influence11
D. H. Lawrence and L. FestingerDeterrents and ReinforcementGeneral Psychology46
A. K. CohenDeviance and ControlGroups26
D. J. Stang and L. S. WrightsmanDictionary of Social Behavior and Social Research MethodsMethodology64
W. Bechtel and R. C. RichardsonDiscovering ComplexityCognition24
D. A. ChambersDNA: The Double HelixGeneral Psychology44
D. W. MartinDoing Psychology Experiments2ndMethodology63
"G. M. Breakwell, H. Foot, and R. Gilmour"Doing Social PsychologyMethodology62
"G. M. Breakwell, H. Foot, and R. Gilmour"Doing Social PsychologyMethodology62
Z. RubinDoing Unto OthersInterpersonal Relations33
J. Sherman, B. Gawronski, & Y. TropeDual-Process Theories of the Social MindSocial Psychological Theory43
W. KDynamics in PsychologyGeneral Psychology45
H. A. ThelenDynamics of Groups At WorkGroups31
D. A. Payne and R. F. McMorrisEducational and Psychological MeasurementMeasurement/Testing54
D. A. Payne and R. F. McMorrisEducational and Psychological Measurement2ndMeasurement/Testing54
Franz PetermannEinstellungsmessung - EinstellungsforschungMeasurement/Testing54
Lyman M. KellsElementary Differential EquationsStatistics55
"B. J. Underwood, C. P. Duncan, J. A. Taylor, and J. W. Cotton"Elementary StatisticsStatistics56
J. G. GreenoElementary Theoretical PsychologyGeneral Psychology45
M. Golomb & M. ShankElements of Ordinary Differential EquationsStatistics55
"W. Strunk, Jr and E.B. White"Elements of Style3rdTeaching32
T. I. Storer and R. L. UsingerElements of ZoologyGeneral Psychology51
P. A. Katz and D. A. TaylorEliminating RacismApplied Social36
J. P. ForgasEmotion & Social JudgmentsEmotion/Affect15
M. B. Brewer and M. HewstoneEmotion and MotivationSeries73
P. EkmanEmotion in the Human FaceGeneral Psychology44
S. SchachterEmotion, Obesity, and CrimeApplied Social36
D. Stock and H. A. ThelenEmotional Dynamics and Group CultureEmotion/Affect15
D. RapaportEmotions and MemoryEmotion/Affect15
"C. E. Izard, J. Kagan, and R. B. Zajonc"Emotions, Cognition, & BehaviorEmotion/Affect15
M. H. Davis EmpathyAggression16
J. H. KunkelEncounters with Great PsychologistsGreat Psychologists61
R. J. CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology v.1Series74
R. J. CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology v.2Series74
R. J. CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology v.3Series74
R. J. CorsiniEncyclopedia of Psychology v.4Series74
J.C. BeanEngaging Ideas2ndTeaching32
J.D. PorteousEnvironment & Behavior: Planning and Everyday Urban LifeApplied Social36
S. FiskeEnvy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides UsInterpersonal Relationships33
"E. Walster, G. W. Walster, and E. Berscheid"Equity: Theory & ResearchInterpersonal Relations33
E. FrommEscape From FreedomGeneral Psychology45
D. O. HebbEssay on MindCognition24
R. Rosenthal and R. L. RosnowEssentials of Behavioral ResearchMethodology63
Lee J. CronbachEssentials of Psychological TestingMeasurement/Testing53
American Psychological AssociationEthical Principles in the Conduct of Research with Human ParticipantsMethodology62
E. Diener and R. CrandallEthics in Social and Behavioral ResearchMethodology62
J. M. YingerEthnicityGeneral Psychology52
W. Stroebe and M. HewstoneEuropean Review of Social Psychology1st Series75
W. Stroebe and M. HewstoneEuropean Review of Social Psychology2ndSeries75
W. Stroebe and M. HewstoneEuropean Review of Social Psychology3rdSeries75
W. Stroebe and M. HewstoneEuropean Review of Social Psychology4thSeries75
C. Mayo and M. LaFranceEvaluating Research in Social PsychologyMethodology63
R. V. GuthrieEven the Rat Was WhiteGeneral Psychology45
N. T. FeatherExpectations and Actions: Expectancy-Value Models in PsychologyJudgment/Decision Making23
W. R. BionExperiences in GroupsGroups26
A. M. Pines and C. MaslashExperiencing Social Psychology3rdGeneral Social42
A. S. Ross and M. GrantExperimental and Nonexperimental Designs in Social PsychologyMethodology63
D. T. Campbell and J. C. StanleyExperimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for ResearchMethodology62
L. B. ChristensenExperimental Methodology2ndMethodology62
B. R. Haimson and M. H. ElfenbeinExperimental Methods in PsychologyMethodology62
A. Myers and C. HansenExperimental PsychologyMethodology63
B. J. UnderwoodExperimental PsychologyMethodology64
R. S. Woodworth and H. SchlosbergExperimental PsychologyRevisedMethodology64
"G. Murphy, L. B. Murphy, and T. M. Newcomb"Experimental Social Psychology Revised EditionGeneral Social42
R. RosenthalExperimenter Effects in Behavioral ResearchMethodology63
R. RosenthalExperimenter Effects in Behavioral ResearchEnlargedMethodology63
R. GottsdankerExperimenting in PsychologyMethodology62
J. W. ReichExperimenting in SocietyMethodology63
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