Books and Journals

329 houses the social area’s books and journals collection. The collection is made up from classic readings in social psychology and general psychology that were donated from Tom Ostrom’s, Marilyn Brewer’s, and Bob Arkin’s personal collections as well as more contemporary books. The books are shelved by topic (e.g., Aggression). The handbooks (e.g., Handbook of Social Psychology) and other series (e.g., Advances in Experimental Social Psychology) are also kept in room 329, along with a small collection of journals not available online through the OSU library. A full list of the books can be found here.

In 329, you can also find a TV and DVD and VHS players, along with video archives of previous speakers from the colloquium series. The earliest videos date back to the 1996 colloquium series.

If you remove a book or journal, please email Lexi Keaveney (, the Athenaeum coordinator. When you are finished with the book please leave it on the table in the room from which you borrowed it.