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New Building

The Psychology Building is a four story structure with a mechanical penthouse. It is approximately a 133,963 square foot facility with lab research facilities located in the basement and a clinic located on the first elevated floor. Three auditorium classrooms, with a total seating capacity of 240, are located on the ground floor. There are a series of landscape improvements planned to be completed in the Spring of '06. These will be performed in a sequence to minimize the impact on the pedestrian traffic through the area.

Progress Report

July 2005 - Drywall ceiling board began in the basement, second floor drywall board began as well as board installation within Lazenby Hall. Lazenby fire roof damage was repaired. Casework began in the basement and MEP rough in work continued on all levels. Site concrete paver installation commenced as well as remaining site architectural precast. August 2005 -The building material hoist and trash chute will be removed, site sanitary and gas line work will be completed and site work will continue. MEP rough in work will continue in the building and drywall finishing and painting will be a primary focus. Casework installation will continue along with plumbing fixture installation. Building core bathrooms ceramic work will commence.

March 2005 - The central stair was erected and perimeter exterior stud framing in the main building was completed. Steam site utility work completed and storm and chilled site water commenced. The metal penthouse roofing system work continued and the modified roof system work began. North and South curtain wall work as well as strip windows were installed and installation will continue into the next month. Sequence 3, the concrete sidewalk adjacent to Townsend Hall was installed. Interior metal studs and MEP systems continued. The connector to Lazenby Hall concrete supporting structure and steel was completed. Elevator E-2 installation is to begin in April. Next month exterior metal siding will be installed and the roof and North and South curtain wall elevations installations will be completed. MEP rough in work will continue along with interior wall framing and rough in. The connector floor slabs will be placed early in the month. Curtain wall work will continue on the East face of the building and strip windows will be completed.

Progress Status

Project is experiencing challenges with maintaining schedule. Project has worked additional hours as well as increased manpower to meet challenge.

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