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News 2005

OSU Psychology Faculty Research in the News 2005

New York Times, November 29th, quoted Professor Barbara Andersen in an article about how scientist still don't know for sure whether long-term stress can cause cancer.

London Guardian and Scripps Howard News Service, November 16; United Press International, November 15th ; W*USA 9 (DC), CTV, Canada,, ABC News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Kansas City Star, San Jose Mercury News, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA), Brandenton Herald (FL), Charlotte Observer, Grand Forks Herald (ND),, Myrtle Beach Sun News, Monterey County Herald, Seattle Post Intelligence, Macon Telegraph, Duluth News Tribune, Biloxi Sun Herald,, Pioneer Press, Centre Daily Times (PA), San Luis Obispo Tribune (CA), New York Newsday,,,, USA Today,, The Ledger (FL), Times Picayune (LA), Newsdays, Los Angeles Times,Tuscaloosa News (AL),, WKYC-TV (OH), May 26th; Akron Beacon Journal (OH), May 25th;, Innovations-Report (Germany), Medical News Today (UK), May 13th;,, May 12th, reported on Professor Randy Nelson's research that found the brains of mice shrink when deprived of sunligh, which they say might provide a clue about why humans get the winter blahs. This work was the first to demonstrate seasonal plasticity in brain size, morphology, and function in mammals. Research Story

Los Angeles Times (November 7th), New York Daily News (April 20th), and Seattle Post-Intelligencer (June 13th), mentioned Professor Charles Emery's research that found people who exercise to music may actually improve mental performance as well as physical performance. Research Story

USA Today, October 19th, quoted Professor Terri Fisher in an article about a new study that suggests teenagers are defining sex in different ways than their parents did, and becoming more casual about intimate acts.

Kansas City Star (August 10th), Allure (August), United Press International (April 6th), and Self (August), reported on Assistant Professor Lisa Libby's research that suggests a change in perspective -- remembering past events from a third-person point of view rather than first-person -- may help people who have reached a roadblock in achieving a personal goal. Research Story

Chicago Tribune (June 17th), Chicago Sun-Times (July 6th, and Portland Oregonian (July 20th), reported on Professor Marilynn Brewer's research that found men and women differ in how they decide which strangers they can trust. Research Story

The Times of London, July 31st, mentioned Professor Terri Fisher's research that suggests men and women might not be as far apart in sexual behaviors as previous research has show. Research Story

Newsday, July 12th, quoted Professor Charles Emery in an article about how injured recreational athletes may experience depression while they are not able to exercise, and need to find different ways to stay active.

Fox News The OReilly Factor, Feb 4th, interviewed Associate Professor Terri Fisher, Mansfield Campus, for a report about a new survey that found 27% of 13- to 16-year-olds are sexually active.

London Independent, February 8th; St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 16th; Toronto Star, August 6th; United Press International, August 5th; all reported on Associate Professor Courtney DeVries' research finding that companionship helps wounds on animals heal faster. Research Story

Miami Herald & Kansas City Star, Febuary 3rd; San Jose Mercury News, January 10th; reported on Assistant Professor Kathleen Fuegen's research (Lima Campus) that suggests mothers in the workplace are held to stricter standards for employment and promotion than childless women and male workers. Research Story

Time Magazine, January 17th, quoted Assistant Professor James McNulty, at the Mansfield campus, about his research that found, for some newlywed couples, it may be better to expect difficult times rather than anticipate a rosy future of wedded bliss. Research Story

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