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President Gordon Gee presents Psychology Faculty with two Prestigious University Awards

Gee and Faculty
(left to right) Gordon Gee, OSU President, Gifford Weary, Psychology Chair, Russell Fazio, Professor and 2008 Distinguished Scholar Award recipient, Paul Beck, Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Jan Weisenberger, Associate Sr. Vice President for Research, Jackie Royster, Executive Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Russ Fazio was notified today of his selection as one of this year's OSU Distinguished Scholar Award winners. Professor Russell H. Fazio is an internationally renowned superstar in social psychology. He has made highly influential contributions both to the substantive theory of attitude formation and change and to the development of methodology adapted from cognitive psychology for the assessment of attitudes. He first carried out experiments that convincingly demonstrated that attitudes can be activated automatically without the individualís conscious intent, control or effort and guide behavior. This idea has revolutionized thinking in the field. He also has investigated the phenomena of stereotyping and prejudice and his research contributions have included the development of new ways of assessing prejudice, creating new positive attitudes and novel ways of overcoming negative attitudes.

Gee and Faculty
(left to right) Gregory Rose, Dean, Marion Campus, Gordon Gee, OSU President, Tracy Tylka, Associate Professor and 2008 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching recipient.

Tracy Tylka was informed on Monday that she was selected as one of this year's winners of the OSU Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. This award is given in recognition of superior teaching achievement by a full-time faculty member at the university. With this award, Tracy becomes a member of the university's Academy of Teaching. The award also comes with an honorarium and increase to her base salary. The competition for this award is always stiff, and Tracy's selection is a real testimony to her skills and her commitment to our students.

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