Lab Gatherings (Scroll down for captions)


European Association of Social Psychology meeting (July, 2017):

Grenada, Spain

Clockwise from front:  [Laura Wegener, Duane Wegener, Lynn Petty, Pablo Briñol, Bea Gandarillas, David Santos, Borja Paredes, Maria Stavraki, Nick O'Dell, Rich Petty, Ana Cancela, Rachel Wegener]

Salobreña, Spain

LEFT to RIGHT[Pablo Briñol, Bea Gandarillas, Maria Stavraki, Borja Paredes, Lynn Petty, Rich Petty, Laura Wegener, Duane Wegener]



Joe and Jaroth's Lab Recruitment Lunch (February, 2017):

From Front Left Side: [Daniel Rovenpor,Jaroth Lanzalotta, Jeremy Gretton, Anneke Gretton, Luke Hinsenkamp, Laura Wallace, Mark Susmann]

From Front Right Side: [Andy Luttrell, Geoff Durso, Joe Siev, Kathleeen Patton, Pablo Briñol, Nancy Xu, Jake Teeny]


SESP lab dinner in Santa Monica, CA (September, 2016):

From Front Left Clockwise: [Rich Petty, Christian Wheeler, Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Monique Fleming, Joe Priester]

From Front Right Counterclockwise: [Michelle See, Andy Luttrell, Pablo Briñol, Kevin Blankenship, Jason Clark, Vanessa Sawicki, Duane Wegener]


PMIG meeting at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center (September, 2016):

From left: [Duane Wegener, Rich Petty, Pablo Briñol]




Andy and Steven's Dissertation Celebration Dinner (July, 2016):

LEFT SIDE from front to end:  [Shalini Goyal, Andy Luttrell, Steven Bengal, Kathleen Patton, Nancy Xu, Diego Gomez, Geoff Durso]

RIGHT SIDE from front to back : [Luke Hinsenkamp, Johannes Schuler, Duane Wegener, Rich Petty, Laura Wallace, Jake Teeny]



Visiting Alan Strathman in St. Lucia (January, 2016)




SESP, Denver, CO (September, 2015):


LEFT from front:  [Maria Stavraki, Christian Wheeler, Ana Cancela, Rich Petty, Jason Clark, Chris Loersch]

RIGHT from front: [Kim Rios, Ken DeMarree, Zak Tormala, Duane Wegener]


LEFT to RIGHT[Pablo Briñol, Rich Petty, Stephanie Cacioppo, John Cacioppo]





After Jenn Belding's farewell GAP presentation (April, 2015):

FRONT from left:  [Steven Bengal, Kathleen Patton, Jenn Belding, Laura Wallace, Luke Hinsenkamp]

BACK from left : [Jeremy Gretton, Rich Petty, Andy Luttrell, Duane Wegener, Geoff Durso, Jake Teeny]



Departing Attitudes and Social Influence Conference on Catalina Island, CA (July, 2014):

From left:  [Geoff Durso, Andy Luttrell, Laura Wallace, Jake Teeny, Rich Petty, Duane Wegener, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jenn Belding]

Nick Wright's Dissertation Celebration Dinner (April, 2014):

from left:  [Geoff Durso, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jenn Belding, Jeremy Gretton, Nick Wright, Rich Petty, Jake Teeny, Kathleen Patton, Laura Wallace]

Jamie Prepares Paella at Rich's (October, 2013):

BACK ROW from left:  [Jake Teeny, Luke Hinsenkamp, Andy Luttrell, Jamie Barden, Jeremy Gretton, Nick Wright]

FRONT ROW from left : [Laura Wegener, Duane Wegener, Rich Petty, Jenn Belding, Laura Wallace]


Brussels pub after EASP Meeting on Attitudes in Ghent, Belgium (June, 2012):

LEFT from front:  [Jeff Stone, Bertram Gawronski, Duane Wegener]

RIGHT from front: [Pablo Briñol, Rich Petty, Ken DeMarree, Russ Fazio]

Visit from John and Stephanie Cacioppo (March, 2012)

[Rich, John, Stephanie]


After Lab Meeting (November, 2011):

FRONT from left:  [Jenn Belding, India Johnson]

MIDDLE from left : [Andy Luttrell, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Pablo Briñol, Ben Wagner]

BACK from left:  [Simon Zebregs, Bea Gandarillas, Rich Petty]



GAP-Madrid [UAM] dinner (June, 2009)

FROM LEFT [Miriam Rocha, Margarita Gasco, Miguel Ángel Martín, Beatriz Gandarillas, Pablo Briñol, Amalia Pérez, Javier Horcajo, Rich Petty, Carlos Martin]

Singapore Tour Before A*Star Meeting on Computational Modeling of Persuasion and Negotiation (June, 2009)

[Michelle See, Pablo Briñol, and Rich Petty]

Bangkok, Thailand Tour After A*Star Meeting on Computational Modeling of Persuasion and Negotiation (June, 2009)

[Rich Petty and Pablo Briñol]

Summer GAP Meeting at Purdue (July, 2008):

First Row - left to right:  [Jason Clark, Duane Wegener, Mike McCaslin, Rich Petty]

Second Row - left to right:  [Ben Wagner, Ann Hoover, Derek Rucker, Vanessa Sawicki, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard]

Lab Gathering at the OSU Psychology Department's 100th Anniversary Celebration (September, 2007):

First Row - left to right:  [India Johnson, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Rich Petty, Brandon Kopp)]

Second Row - left to right:  [Christian Wheeler, Duane Wegener, Chris Loersch, Ken DeMarree, Mike McCaslin]

Third Row - left to right:  [Patrick Vargas, Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Pablo Briñol, Jamie Barden, Ben Wagner, Joe Priester]

Summer Lab Picnic at Mike and Jamie's (June, 2007):

FROM LEFT:  [Brandon Kopp, Rich Petty, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Chris Loersch, Mike McCaslin, Ben Wagner, Michelle See]

Summer Lab Picnic at Derek's (September, 2004):

BOTTOM ROW from left:  [Jamie Barden, Ken DeMarree]

TOP ROW from left: [Derek Rucker, Rich Petty, Mike McCaslin, Pablo Briņol]


[Photo of some of the current and former OSU and UAM lab members in attendance] 

SCP - San Francisco (February, 2004)

[Zak Tormala, Rich Petty, Christian Wheeler]


BOTTOM ROW from left: [Lee Fabrigar, Zak Tormala, Rich Petty, Monique Fleming]

TOP ROW from left:  [Christian Wheeler, Jamie Barden, George Bizer, Lisa Evans, Duane Wegener, Pablo Briñol, Carlos Falces]

MPA PRESIDENTIAL DINNER IN CHICAGO (May, 2002) [at the Phoenix Restaurant, arranged by John Cacioppo]

BOTTOM ROW from left: [Duane Wegener, Lee Fabrigar, Rich Petty, George Bizer, Christian Wheeler {in cardboard}, Jamie Barden, Kort Prince]

MIDDLE ROW from left:  [Steve Crites, Joe Priester, Monique Fleming, Marilynn Brewer, Catherine Norris, Erin Harden, Louise Hawkley, Cindy Pickett, Jon Krosnick]

TOP ROW from left:  [Michelle See, Penny Visser, Derek Rucker, Ken DeMarree, Russ Fazio, Alan Strathman, John Cacioppo, Wendi Gardner, Blair Jarvis, Pat Vargas, Brigitte Kudielka, Paul White, Jeff Larsen, Jeff Sherman]

Summer Lab Picnic at Derek's (2002):

BOTTOM ROW from left:  [Jamie Barden, Derek Rucker, Rich Petty]

TOP ROW from left: [Michelle See, Zak Tormala, Duane Wegener, Lee Fabrigar, Ken DeMarree]

Summer Lab Picnic at Derek's (2001):

BOTTOM ROW from left:  [Lee Fabrigar, Derek Rucker, Christian Wheeler, George Bizer, Rich Petty]

TOP ROW from left: [Duane Wegener, Jamie Barden, Zak Tormala]

Dinner at MPA in Chicago (2001):

BOTTOM ROW from left:  [Jamie Barden, Penny Visser, Lee Fabrigar, Steve Crites]

TOP ROW from left: [Rich Petty, George Bizer, Duane Wegener]

Dinner at MPA in Chicago (2000):

BOTTOM ROW from left:  [Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Rich Petty, Lee Fabrigar, Duane Wegener]

TOP ROW from left: [Christian Wheeler, George Bizer, Lisa Evans, Monique Fleming, Blair Jarvis]

European ACR in Copenhagen (1995)

[Rich Petty and Joe Priester]