Current GAP Schedule:    

All meetings are on Fridays and begin at 10:30 a.m. in 120 Lazenby Hall (pictured above) unless otherwise noted.


FALL SEMESTER 2017: [Organizer = Duane Wegener]

Aug 25:  Amit Singh, Department of Marketing, OSU, Attitudinal ambivalence: Commitment to purchasing a product about which one feel's conflicted.

Sept 1:  Laura Wallace, Source bias and trustworthiness:  Distinct influences on source credibility, attributions for position-taking, and persuasion.

Sept 8:  Kip Wiliams, Jeff Jackson, Steve Nida, Steve Harkins, Ren Sloan, and John Pryor, The OSU social psychology program: Then and now.

Sept 15: Daniel Rovenpor, The impact of emotion and locus of control on self-validation effects.

Sept 22:   Laura Wagner, Developmental psychology program, Ohio State University, Biasing social attitudes on speakers' dialects.

Sept. 29: Geoff Durso, I like the way you think:  Assuming 'good reasons' in the similarity-attraction effect.

Oct 6:  Jake Teeny, Are opposers sorer losers?  Valence framing on expectations for and reactions to election outcomes.

Oct 13:  [No meeting, SESP]

Oct 20:  Nancy Xu, The need to evaluate subscales:  Implications for transmission and reception sets.

Oct 27:  Kathleen Patton, Influences of attitudinal ambivalence on attitude clarity.

Nov 3:  Luke Hinsenkamp, Effect of position extremity on depth of processing and persuasion.

Nov 10: [No meeting, Veteran's Day Holiday]

Nov 17:   Asael Sklar, Selection for awareness [a practice job talk].

Nov 24:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]

Dec 1:  Josh Clarkson, Department of Marketing, University of Cincinnati, TBA.

SPRING SEMESTER 2018:  [Organizer = TBD]

Jan 12: TBA, TBA.

Jan 19: TBA, TBA.

Jan 26:  TBA, TBA.

Feb 2:  TBA, TBA.

Feb 9:  [No Meeting, Grad Recruitment]

Feb 16:  TBA, TBA.

Feb 23:  TBA, TBA.

Mar 2:  [No meeting, SPSP]

Mar 9:  TBA, TBA.

Mar 16:  [No meeting, OSU Spring break]

Mar 23:  TBA, TBA.

Mar 30:   First Year Presentations, (TBA). 

Apr 6:  MPA Practice Talks, (TBA). 

Apr 13:  [No meeting, MPA]

Apr 20:  Farewells from departing GAP members: TBA