Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Cognitive Program

Postdoctoral Research Position

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP POSITIONS (for 2012), Roger Ratcliff and Gail McKoon

We are looking for postdoctoral fellows to work on one or more projects in collaborative research. A secondary aim is that a postdoc develop new and/or different lines of research from his/her graduate work in order to acquire a wider range of skills than he/she would otherwise have.

We expect a postdoc to stay in our lab 2-3 years, subject to review after one year. Postdocs in our lab do almost no administrative work, computer support, student supervision, etc. They work more than 95% of their time on new collaborative projects. Most of our postdoctoral fellows have obtained academic positions in research universities, and they generally produce 3-10 papers in major journals out of our collaborations.

The kinds of projects include experimental and modeling work in memory, discourse processing, and decision making (using reaction time measures and modeling), with applications in clinical and neuroscience domains.

Funded projects include developing and testing diffusion decision models in the domains of memory and perception with applications to perception, multichoice decision making including confidence judgments, and simulated driving. A second line involves examining deficits in reading in struggling adult readers with tasks that examine components of the reading process with measures of response time and accuracy that are amenable to modeling. A third line involves decision modeling with the aim of developing applications to older adults and populations with cognitive deficits.

The best way to see many of the ongoing projects is to examine articles on our web page:

Please contact Roger Ratcliff at ratcliff[dot]22[at]osu[dot]edu for further information. To apply, send a vita and letters of recommendation to Roger Ratcliff.