Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University

Quantitative Program

Aleksandr Sinayev

Aleksandr Sinayev

Affiliated with the Quantitative Psychology Program

Degree(s): Binghamton University: B.A., Mathematics, B.A., Psychology
Ohio State University: M.A., Psychology
Office/Lab: CAIDe Lab
Faculty Advisor: Ellen Peters, Michael DeKay

Research Interests

  • Increasing comprehension and improving evaluation of risks
  • Using cognitive models to understand behavior, especially risky choices
  • Leveraging large datasets and machine learning to advance psychological science


National Conference Presentations

Significant Awards

  • Winner of Computational Social Science Datathon (2015)
  • Behavioral Decision Making Research Grant (2014)
  • Winner of Ohio State University Graduate Student Research Forum (2013)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Summer Fellow (2012)
  • University Graduate Fellow at The Ohio State University (2011)