Department of Psychology Title The Ohio State University


Research Clinics

The psychology faculty run a number of clinics that serve the general public. Treatment is based on the latest psychological research. In addition to the Psychological Services Center which sees clients with a diversity of issues, the department hosts specialty clinics in areas such as Depression and Anxiety and Stress. Our clinics serve to foster faculty research on these issues and graduate student training. Learn more about the clinics by clicking at the left.

Faculty Labs

The psychology faculty are involved in research on many important issues from exploring the neurophysiology of the human brain to understanding the behavior of social groups. In addition to the faculty leader of each lab, graduate students and undergraduates participate in generating, conducting, analyzing, and eventually publishing the important findings that emerge. Some of the specific topics of research are listed on the left. You can learn more by clicking on a link of interest.

Focus Groups

In addition to their individual research programs, faculty and graduate students meet around topics of special interest to multiple faculty and students. Some of the regular multi-faculty and student interest groups are listed on the left. These groups have a regular meeting schedule. Other faculty research group meetings are less structured. Click on a group of interest and check back as more focus groups are added.