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We are happy to welcome Dr. Zeynep Saygin as a new faculty member in the Department of Psychology at OSU! It is anticipated that Dr. Saygin will start in August 2017. Her laboratory uses MRI to uncover the biological mechanisms that underlie the functional patchwork of the human brain. For example, what makes the fusiform face area respond selectively to faces, or why does Broca's area respond during linguistic tasks? The Saygin lab uses cutting-edge analyses to study this functional differentiation across early development and adulthood, and to research plasticity in response to disorders and injury of the brain. Dr. Saygin is currently looking for new graduate students for fall 2017. See or contact Dr. Saygin directly at

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University. Our department is noted for a long history of excellence in research, teaching, and service. With approximately 50 faculty, 150 graduate students, and 1800 undergraduate majors, we are one of the largest departments at Ohio State. We are also one of the top ranked psychology departments in the country providing extensive course offerings and research opportunities in seven program areas. Faculty in the department work in diverse areas of human and animal cognition, emotion, and behavior and engage in many interdisciplinary research activities. By exploring the web links above, you can learn about our educational and research programs, the people responsible for them, and admission requirements.

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