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Cognitive Neuroscience

We have a vibrant community of Cognitive Neuroscientists in the Psychology department and other departments at Ohio State. Various labs use the 3T Siemens Trio MRI scanner at the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging (CCBBI) ) or the department's new world-class EEG facility with two electromagnetically-shielded and sound-attenuated testing rooms, each with its own Brain Products active-electrode EEG system, to study perception, memory, decision making, development, and clinical conditions. If you are interested in pursuing cognitive neuroscience for your graduate studies, then please contact the relevant faculty and apply to the respective area in the Psychology graduate program. Regular MRI Users Meetings are a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise within our community, and for the influx of new ideas from invited speakers.

Cognitive Neuroscience Faculty

Gary Berntson
Gary Berntson (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Organization of Brain Mechanisms Underlying Behavioral and Affective Processes

Angela Brown
Angela Brown (Optometry)

Human Sensory Visual Development; Visual Neuroscience of Color Vision and Color Naming

John Bruno
John Bruno (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Preclinical Neuropsychopharmacology; animal models of cognitive control deficits in schizophrenia; testing of novel cognition enhancing adjuncts for treating schizophrenia

Affective and Social Cognitive Neuroscience

Simon Dennis
Simon Dennis (Cognitive Psychology)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Memory

Bennet Givens
Bennet Givens (Cognitive Psychology)

Neurophysiology of Working Memory

Julie Golomb
Julie Golomb (Cognitive Psychology)

Visual Cognitive Neuroscience, Visual Attention, Eye Movements, Memory

Andrew Leber
Andrew Leber (Cognitive Psychology)

Visual Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Control, Attention

Derick Lindquist
Derick Lindquist (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning Memory; Animal Models of Cognitive Dysfunction

Delwin Lindsey
Delwin Lindsey (Psychology, Mansfield campus)

Perceptual Neuroscience of Color Vision, Color and Language; Visual development of Color Vision

Benedetta Leuner
Benedetta Leuner (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Experience and Hormone Driven Changes in Brain Structure and Cognitive Function

Zhong-Lin Lu
Zhong-Lin Lu (Cognitive Psychology)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Sensory Processes and Attention, Decision Making, Reading

Aleix Martinez
Aleix Martinez (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Vision, Face Perception, Sign Language

John Opfer
John Opfer (Developmental Psychology)

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Conceptual Development, Categorization, Numerical Cognition
Stephen Petrill
Stephen Petrill (Developmental Psychology)
Neurodevelopmental Behavioral Genetics of Language, Cognition, Academic Achievement, and Learning
Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov (Cognitive Psychology)

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Network Models of Perceptual Learning, Spatial Vision, Decision Making, and High-level Cognition
Stacie Renfro Powers
Stacie Renfro Powers (Communication)

Social affective neuroscience

Ruchika Prakash
Ruchika Prakash (Clinical Psychology)

Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity in Aging and Neurological Disorders

Roger Ratcliff
Roger Ratcliff (Cognitive Psychology)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and Decision Making

Per Sederberg
Per Sederberg (Cognitive Psychology)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Formation and Retrieval

Vladimir Sloutsky
Vladimir Sloutsky (Developmental Psychology)

Neural Underpinnings of Cognitive Development, Categorization and Conceptual Development, Development of Attention and Cognitive Control.

James Todd
James Todd (Cognitive Psychology)

Visual Perception of 3-Dimensional Form.

Baldwin Way
Baldwin Way (Social Psychology)
Neurochemistry of Social Cognition, Social Relationships and Health

Gary Wenk
Gary Wenk (Behavioral Neuroscience)
Behavioral Neuroscience, Animal Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Deyue (Dion) Yu
Deyue (Dion) Yu (Optometry)
Cognitive Neuroscience of Visual Perception, Visual Impairment, Reading, Object and Face Recognition, Perceptual Learning.