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Sian Beilock, PhD, University of Chicago

December 6 3:00 pm, Ohio Union U.S. Bank Conference Theatre 1739 N High Street

Science Sundays

How to Perform Your Best Under Stress

In an energetic tour of the latest brain science, Sian Beilock explains why we all too often blunder when the stakes are high. She reveals what happens in our brain and body when we experience the dreaded performance anxiety and shows how to succeed brilliantly when it matters most.

Families welcome!

Science Sundays is a free lecture series open to the public, provides a wide range of current and emerging topics and issues in science that touch our everyday lives. Speakers are experts in their fields from on campus and around the world with experience in making their topics interesting and accessible for audiences of all ages, with or without a science background.

Andrew Elliot, PhD, University of Rochester

January 14 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Kuei Y. Tseng, MD, PhD, The Chicago Medical School at RFUMS

January 27 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Neurobiology underlying Prefrontal Maturation during Adolescence: synaptic mechanisms and implications

Frenk van Harreveld, PhD, University of Amsterdam

February 4 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Rebecca Walker Reczek, PhD, The Ohio State University

February 18 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Edward Hirt, PhD, Indiana University

February 25 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Michael Olson, PhD, University of Tennessee

March 3 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Heather Claypool, PhD, Miami University

March 24 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Peter Gollwitzer, PhD, New York University

April 7 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Harry Reis, PhD, University of Rochester Greenwald Distinguished Scholar

April 14 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035