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Colloquium Calendar

Natalie Shook, PhD, West Virginia University

October 27 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

The Role of Disgust in Political Attitudes and Behavior

Over the past several years, political scientists and psychologists have placed an increased emphasis on the role of affective and emotion systems within politics. One of the more robust findings in this area is that individual differences in sensitivity to disgust are systematically associated with a variety of political values, beliefs, and attitudes. Generally, those who are more sensitive to disgust are more likely to endorse a socially conservative political ideology. In this talk, I will review a program of research investigating the association between disgust and sociopolitical beliefs, attitudes, and voting behavior. Utilizing a disease avoidance framework, I will provide an evolutionary explanation for the role of disgust in politics. Broad implications for politics will be discussed.

Ayelet Fishbach, PhD, University of Chicago

November 3 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Jennifer Howell, PhD, Ohio University

November 10 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Jonathan Kunstman, PhD, Miami University

November 17 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Tessa West, PhD, New York University

December 8 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Greg Maio, PhD, Cardiff University

January 12 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Phoebe Ellsworth, PhD, University of Michigan (Thomas M. Ostrom Scholar in Residence)

February 2 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Kipling Williams, PhD, Purdue University

February 16 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Joseph Bayer, PhD, The Ohio State University

March 2 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD. University of California, Riverside

March 23 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Wendy Wood, PhD, University of Southern California (Greenwald Distinguished Scholar)

April 6 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035

Jeff Sherman, PhD, University of California, Davis

April 13 4:00 pm, Psych Bldg 035